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Why do eyelashes turn inward?

My eyelashes usually turn inward, why does that happen? Do you guys have any suggestions to help me?
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  • Allison walker


    The abnormal growth direction of the eyelashe is generally called trichiasis. For children and teenagers, the cause of trichiasis is usually the abnormal growth of the epiblepharon and the epicanthus, or the congenital eyelid introversion. And for the middle-aged people and the elderly, it is usually the inflammation of the conjunctiva palpebrae, the cicatrix shrinkage of the eyelid margin, or the eyelid introversion caused by various reasons. Children and teenagers can take the surgery of suture diorthosis or partial excision of the orbicularis oculi muscles. For adults, they can remove the introversive eyelashes by tweezers, but this method is quite painful and inconvenient. Or they can take a electrolytic surgery to broke the hair follicle of the eyelashes and then remove them. Lasik exclusion can also be a choice for the patienst with trichiasis. You had better go to the doctor's to ask for correspondent treatment.
  • crazyuglycoyote


    That your eyelashes turn inward means you are suffering from trichiasis. If your eye lashes grow inward, you will feel uncomfortable because that the eye lashes are coarse. Trichiasis is usually caused by entropion, blepharitis, eye injury, distichiasis and idiopathic. There are some treatments for trichiasis, including epilation, electrolysis, radio frequency and surgery. The first line of epilation is to pluck the misdirected eye lashes and they will grow back in 2 to 3 months. Electrolysis and radio frequency treat trichiasis by killing the hair follicle to prevent re-growth. Surgery is normally applied to severe cases.

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