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What causes only one eye to water?

Do you guys know that what can make only one eye to water? Is it a serious eye disease?
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  • Robert


    One of the reason that causes your only one eye watering may be that this eye get irritated by some foreign objects inside the eye socket, such as a sand, dust, eyylash, and so on. You can use clean flowing water to wash the foreign objects out of your eyes. Or you can use clean towel or facial tissue to slightly wipe that out of your eyes, and then apply some antibiotic eye drops into your eyes, and take a rest after that. But if the condition is serious, it may be that one of the lacrimal passages is blocked off, thus making the normally secreted tears flush out of the eye socket instead of getting discharged into the nasal cavity. In this case, you can take a lacrimal passage irrigation in the hospital. You need to go to the doctor's to have an examination first.
  • Gabriella rodney


    A number of factors account for the watering eye. The most common cause is a blocked tear duct due to a gradual narrowing of the upper end of the tear duct or persistent mild inflammation. If you are in a sad mood, you can feel like crying. Or perhaps some foreign objects such as onions, fumes or eyelashes enter into your eye, causing the eye to water as a protective reflex to clear irritants away from the eye. If it is a mild symptom caused by eye irritation, you can remove the irritants and drip over-the-counter topical anti-allergy drops to make you feel better. Or you can apply warm compresses over your eyes to help promote the drainage of the blockage. In some serious case, you should go to hospital for an overall examination and your eye doctor will decide whether you should receive a treatment with an operation.