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Why do my eyelashes hurt when i wear mascara?

Can you guys tell me why my eyelashes hurt when I wear mascara? Does that mean my eyes are sensitive to mascara?
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  • Susan


    As a matter of fact, I have to tell you that wearing mascara is actually have more or less harm for you and your eyes. Because we all know there are many kinds of chemical in it, some of them can exactly render you look charming, but while you are enjoying the beauty, the chemicals in the cosmetic is hurting your eyelashes at the same time. Besides, another reason is that you are sensitive to kind of the mascara you used, so you can change the product you use and find one fit you better. However, we should not jump at a conclusion quickly, in consideration of your health, you'd better go to hosptial to take a professional check as soon as possible.
  • John clark


    It is possible that your eyes are sensitive to the mascara, or that your mascara is not of good quality. You had better go to professional mascara shop to have a skin prick to see whether it is because of you or the mascara. If you get the mascara that does not irritate your eyes, you still have to pay attention to several points when your are using the mascara. First of all, do not get the mascara onto the delicate optical part such as te eyelid in case of infection or irritation. Secondly, When you are taking off the makeup, youshould completely wash clean the mascara, because the remaining mascara are very harmful to your eyes. If you are still sensitive to mascara, then you can try spreading moderate amount of vitamin E at the root of your eyelashes to moisten and supplement nutritions to your eyelashes, making them grow better and longer.

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