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Gabriel peters


How to treat lazy eyes in children?

Are there good ways to treat children lazy eyes? Any good idea?
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  • Joshua?hall


    Lazy eyes can be treated, especially for children amblyopia. What's more, the smaller the children are the better. Usually, the gold curative time for lazy eyes are the children arraging 3 to 6. During this period, most of children with lazy eyes can be cured and get recovery. If one kid was sent to eye doctor's home after 12 years old, the efficacy may not reach to the expected maximum effect of the treatment or even without any effect at all. From a latest finding, a common treatment is to put the multi-media acupunctures. But what the specific thereapeutic method can be put on your kid base on the condition of  your baby's lazy eyes. So you'd better take your baby to the ophhalmology institute for a minute examination. Then the doctor will suit the treatment to his case.
  • debby truax


    Hello, children who have lazy eyes should be treated early, if they do not get the correct treatment at young age, their eyes may get bad when they grow up. Personally, parents should take your children to see the doctor and have a series of tests to find what kind of lazy eyes they suffered. Children need to be treated professionally. They can get some medicine and wear some specific glasses to protect their eyes from getting bad. In the daily life, Parents should take notice of the children's diet. They need to eat some eggs and some fish to intake of useful nutrition. Besides, they can't watch TV or play computer games more than one hour every day.
  • Mackenzie rose


    The lazy eye is also called amblyopia, which means your eyes can't see the same thing as well as the good eyes, the amblyopia usually can be treated before 6. In other words, the lazy eyes normally happen to kids. It is not like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, which can be treated by glasses or contact lenses. The kid should wear eye patch for 3 to 4 hours daily, and continue for about one to two weak, the lazy eye can be treated.
  • Rebecca


    Lazy eye is a condition that is fairly common early in childhood and it is important to see a pediatrician or eye doctor as soon as possible. It is most commonly caused by misalignment of the eyes, but it can also be caused by problems with the passage of light into one or the other eye. When there is misalignment or unequal vision in the two eyes, the brain preferentially uses one eye to process visual information and neglects the other, allowing it to "wander" and not focus on the objects under scrutiny. Lazy eye is commonly diagnosed in younger children, and it would be unusual for diagnosis to be delayed until 12 years of age. I think this actually makes the urgency of having the eyes looked at by a doctor even greater, because it raises the possible that some rapid deterioration in vision might be behind the problem, if indeed it is confirmed. I would suggest going to see your pediatrician or an eye doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to take a look at your daughter's eyes and vision and help figure out if there is any defect in eye alignment or in visual acuity. If any problem is detected, they'll be able to help guide you regarding what to do next.
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