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Anthony cecil


What does burning eyes mean?

After hard work, i feel my eyes burning. What causes that?
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  • eagle_tester_3


    Do you have any other symptom like itchy, strained and redness? How is your work environment? Chronic dry or burning eyes can be caused by age, some medications, and disease. Itchy, burning eyelids can also result from infection. It is hard to say what causes your burning eyes without further information. The best way for you is to see a doctor and find out the real cause and suit the remedy to the case.
  • Sig


    From your description, I speculate that the environment you work may do effect on your eyes. I am really surprised what kinds of jobs you engaged in. Doing about information technology in front of computer? Or engage on the labor work like electrical welding? Or even often appearing at the boisterous singing hall? Please don't mind what I mentioned here. I just want to confirm the fact and tell you that all of these may lead your eyes to feel burning after a long day's hard working. As we know, as long as one spend more than 3 hours to read, to see the computer or stare at the telephone screen without a little rest, he will feel very tired and the eye is burning. At this time, our only habit is to rub our eyes in order to let it feel better and more comfortable. The fact is, however, that the unclear hands bring many hidden bacteria, which might have the risk of the inflammation of your eyes (That is also what you said the burning eyes). Besides, the decline of liver function and external factors like dirt and wind, etc may do contribution to the burning eyes. Thus, when you feel very eye burning, I suggest your first choice is to visit the eye doctor to see if you affected the trachoma or red eye or not. If you are told ''NO'', you can be relaxed. And just pay attention to the habit of your living life. Wash hands frequently, take a regular break and have a enough rest are necessary. If possible, take a overlook from a distance to the green of the nature.

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