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Robert Lipman


What are major complications with cataract surgery?

I heard that surgery also brings some complications though it may cure cataracts. So, what are the major complications with cataract surgery?
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  • Bob Witek


    Some patients may suffer floaters after a cataract surgery. In fact the procedure itself never causes this symptom. These people actually have floaters before the surgery, and they become noticeable once the cloudy cataract is removed by the procedure. Besides floaters, there are also potential light flashes after a cataract surgery, which require an immediate resolution. Underlying causes of light flashes include retinal detachment and retinal tear. Some patients after cataract surgery may experience light sensitivity during the follow-up weeks or months. Those people should avoid directly fierce light.
  • rommel abad


    The following complications will happen: 1. A small amount of hemorrhage in anterior chamber, or full of hemorrhage in anterior chamber with high intraocular pressure. 2. The retinal complications, cystic macular edema. 3. Persistent corneal edema. 4. Postoperative uveitis. 5. Choroid diastasis with leakage. 6. Pupillary block. 7. Retinal detachment.
  • Joshua?arnold


    There are several complications with the surgery as the followings: First, the inflammatory or infectious disease. Though it appears infrequently, such situation may lead to blurred vision and even more serious to go blind. Second, with the intraocular implantation changed its location, which possibly result in metamorphopsia. For this condition, what you can only do is to do the second surgery in order to achieve the IOL reduction. Third, you may suffer from the risk of retinal detachment. Last, part of the patients' posterior capsule may appear to be vague, which we called as the after cataract. In fact, however, you don't need worry too much. As you know, with the technology is so developed, trust the modern medical science as you can.