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Andrew bell


Why people wear purple lenses glasses? Is purple tinted lenses good for eyes?

I just saw some people wear purple glasses in the street, I know purple glasses frames look great to some people. But what are the functions of purple tinted glasses?
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  • tosha sletten


    My grandmother is legally blind and has violet lenses that were custom made to help her vision. apparently it helps pick up different wave lengths of light and helps her depth perception.I remember reading some excellent research on the subject however, I have forgotten the doctors name and can't seem to find anything to point me in the right direction. I also know that sometimes colored lenses can be used as a therapy for color blindness but in most cases it's for fashion and nothing more.
  • Makayla


    Now, eyeglasses can be tinted in different colors on the frames and lenses. And purple tinted glasses are more liked by female wearers. As we know, eyeglasses become a part of fashion, and the color of the eyeglasses lenses play an important role in the whole appearance of eyeglasses. So, it is not strange to see people wearing purple glasses with tinted lenses. Besides, with purple tinted lenses in the hot summer, they can help reduce the intensive light outside.
  • Anome


    I think it is just their personal preference, and most girls like purple. And purple tined lenses can also protect eyes from strong light. Besides purple, different colors have different functions. If you are going to have a hiking, gray and green lenses will be helpful. Dark brown lens would be better if you are driving, dark green lens would be better when you are sitting in the sun, blue lens would be better when you are playing on the beach, mercury are fit for outdoor sports men and yellow are often used in hunting. Besides, light blue and pink lens are decorative and practical applicability. But all the above mentioned benefits are outdoors, and there are no benefits indoors with colored glasses. It makes pupil dilation and visual fatigue happen easier indoors.
  • Zoe


    Purple lenses glasses are fashionable, cosmetically appealing. They also can reduce glare, help to see contours and improve color perception. Purple lenses glasses are also good at the weather condition like in misty, foggy and snowy conditions. Hope this helpful.
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  • Ghassan S.


    In my mind, purple lenses are chosen mainly for style and fashion purpose. However, a good choice for hunters, purple tints allows for natural color perception while offering some shade from the sun.
  • Jennifer Brannon


    They are also sometimes warn to help with dyslexia. It helps the words, letters and number "be still" on the page.

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