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Jocelyn griffin


How to get rid of laugh lines around the eyes?

Every time when I laugh, I usually get laugh lines around my eyes. Do you guys have any ideas of how to remove them? I really don' t want to look older.
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  • coloursoflife


    I know it is really boring to have laugh line around the eyes. The laugh line can make us look older than our actually age. To reduce it, you shall learn some basic skin care. For example, you shall eat a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables. Besides, drinking enough water can help keep the skin hydrated. In addition, you shall avoid excessive sugar. And massage the skin around the eyes can also helpful to make the laugh line less noticeable.
  • croatia_diary


    Personally, to treat the laugh line under the eyes, it is better to prevent it better than reduce it after it appeared around the eyes. You can apply some sunscreen and wearing sunglasses if you go outside so as to protect the eyes from excessive sun and heat that can dehydrate the skin, thus cause laugh line. Besides, you can use cosmetic way to cover your laugh lines. Try some creams that contain vitamins A, C, and E for sun exposure and laugh line wrinkle prevention.