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What are some good ideas to decorate sunglasses?

i have several pairs of cat eye sunglasses and i decide to decorate them. What are some good ideas to decorate them?
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  • Jessica Stevenson


    In my opinion, you can add some beads, gems and sequins to your cat eye sunglasses to make them glitter and sparkle. You can go to buy some rhinestones or beads and hot glue. Then you can use the hot glue to attach a row of rhinestones across the nosebridge of your cate eye sunglasses or on the side of your sunglasses temples. Sequins can also be used to decorate your cat eye sunglasses to make them look more attractive.
  • Mark


    Cat eye sunglasses are really charming items for people. Maybe you can try to use rhinestone to decorate your sunglasses. That will make your cat eye sunglasses more shine and surprising. Just bling some rhinestones on your cat eyeglasses frames. Of course, you shall decided where you want to put rhinestones, for example, such as the in front of frames or you want to emphasize the design of the temple of your cat eye glasses frames.

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