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Does anemia cause sore eyes?

Is it possible that anemia can lead to sore eyes? Any idea?
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  • Ethan


    Sore eyes, or conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the thin covering of the eyeball and inner eyelid. People who suffer sore eyes may experience redness of the eyes, burning and pain. Broadly, sore eyes has virous causes. Viral infection, bacterial infection, chemical eye injury, allergies, other irritants and dryness are all causes of sore eyes. However, anemia is not possible to cause sore eyes. But anemia has a deep side effect on vision because of blood and oxygen and iron shortage in blood vessels.
  • Jacob adams


    Yes, it is possible for you to get sore eyes because of anemia. Anemia refers to the whole body blood circulation in the total amount of red blood cells which reduce to the normal but due to the whole body blood circulation in the determination of the total amount of red blood cell technology is more complex. Thus clinical generally refers to that the blood hemoglobin concentration is lower than patients with gender and age group with the same area of the normal standard. Anemia refers to the human peripheral blood in unit volume of hemoglobin concentration red blood cell count and hematocrit below the normal low limit. The hemoglobin concentration is more important. The anemia to body harm is great. The anemia patients often have heart not normal dizziness problems. The weakness, shortness of breath and palpitation are also the main symptoms. Your eyes will be dry. You will easily get the sore eyes. You should use some eyes drops to release the symptom. In addition, the warm compress is also useful.

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