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Ana evelyn


Can smoking cause optic neuritis?

I heard that smoking can lead to optic neuritis. Really? Why? Shall i give up smoking?
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  • Jordan smith


    Optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerve. It may cause sudden, reduced vision in the affected eye. However, the exact cause of optic neuritis is unknown. The optic nerve carries visual informations from your eye to the brain. Sudden swelling of this nerve can damage the insulation surrounding each nerve fiber. Causes of optic neuritis are various, such as autoimmune diseases, fungal infection, bacterial infections, viral infections, alcohol and tobacco. People who suffer optic neuritis should receive color vision testing, visual field testing and visual acuity testing. So optic neuritis is possible to be caused by smoking.
  • Jada shelley


    Well, yes, smoking can lead to optic neuritis. Optic neuritis, which is known as retro-bulbar neuritis, is a leading cause of vision loss. And it can occur acutely in hours to days, or chronically over the course of years. For the causes, it can be caused by a variety of processes leading to inflammation and damage to the optic nerve. And according to some experts, smoking can just increase the risk of getting optic neuritis. And also, injury to the optic nerve caused by trauma, as well as indirect trauma from external force can cause damage and subsequent optic neuritis. So you need to pay more attention to it. Anyway, just give up smoking.

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