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What are anemia effects on eyes?

Are there any effect of anemia on eyes? If so, What are they?
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  • bell


    Anemia is a decrease in number of red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia is the most common disorder of the blood. Anemia is often due to pyruvate kinase and hexokinase deficiencies, infections, including malaria and excessive sodium or fluid intake. Anemia also makes people have pale face and feel dizzy sometimes. Also, it lets be lack of oxygen in blood, which is easy to cause double vision and blurry vision. Although, anemia is common, it still needs to take good care of it.


    There are many side effects of anemia on health of whole body, including the eyes parts. When you get anemia, your eyes will easily sore. Your eyes may be prone to be dry. In addition, you will have dizzy eye sight. The anemia will have great effect on the central nervous system. You will have headache, dizziness, tinnitus and dazzled phenomenon. The attention is not centralized. You will feel sleepiness and so on. The common symptoms are syncope, even mind fuzzy which can appear in severe anemia or the occurrence of flash person. The anemia will cause the unstable pressure at your eyes. You need to pay attention to it and eat more food with iron. If your eyes are too dry, you need to use the eyes drops to moisture them or use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. You need to do something to make the problems of eyes get released.

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