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Can flu cause sore eyes?

Is it true that flu can cause sore eyes? How to relieve sore eyes?
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  • duncan


    Sore eyes are generally due to a viral infection. Flu, also called influenza in medically, which is an infectious disease of birds and mammals. You usually may suffer chills, fever, headaches, coughing, muscle pain and sore throat. Typically, influenza is transmitted through the air by coughs or sneezes. However, sore eyes usually cause redness, discomfort, burning, pain, soreness, even you may suffer runny nose and sore throat. Now we can conclude that flu can cause sore eyes because they can lead to infect, and then cause eye infection. At this moment, do not rub your eyes with hands, or further infections will happen.
  • Nicholas


    Yes, definitely. A flu is a kind of cold, which is caused by upper respiratory viral infection. With a flu, people would have high temperature, fatigue, sorness in muscles, headache, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing. Since the upper respiratory tract is closely connected with eyes, it is very possible to spread the virus to eyes, resulted in sore eyes. The so called sore eyes is what we known as conjunctivitis or pink eye. Conjunctivitis is the eye inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. From the introduction earlier, you can easily get the conclusion that it is very possible to have conjunctivitis when you have a flu or a cold. To relieve it, you can apply warm compress, which can effectively relieve symptoms conjunctivitis. Make some eye drops by yourself, such as baby shampoo water, salt water or breast milk. If it is serious, you can get some eye drops or ointment to help.
  • Robert murphy


    Though most of the sore eyes are induced by the eyes disease itself, including infection, outside stimulation or trauma, actually, the other organs' disease will also infect the eyes. The fever and the flu would make your sore eyes. That is because the filterable virus get into your eyes through the paranasal sinus. But this kind of sore eyes will disappear by itself after 24 to 36 hours later. You will feel uncomfortable with your whole body, fever, and arthralgia. You can only treat your flu and fever, then the eyes will be ok after the flu heals. Please do not worry. If the symptom will not disappear after the cure of flu, you may check the eyes if it is caused by the conjunctivitis or stye.

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