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Does diabetes cause sore eyes?

Does anyone know if diabetes causes sore eyes?
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  • Angela


    Yes, of course the diabetes will cause sore eyes. There is a disease called diabetic eye disease. The diabetes is a metabolism syndrome which will influence the whole body's microcirculation. When this disease come to the eyes part, serial eye disease will happen, such as diabetic retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma. It is easy to cause blindness. This serial disease will include retina microaneurysm forming, fundus hemorrhage, macula lutea edema, even amotio retinae. The whole process will be suffering and sore. The blindness risk will be 25 times more than the normal people if it is not go to the proper and timely treatments.
  • catchingthought


    It's hardly to say whether diabetes can cause sore eyes or not. Diabetes means that too much sugar in your blood and the blood pressure will much higher than normal. At this condition, your eye blood vessels must burden high pressure, which has a high risk of getting blurry vision. That is, diabetes can cause eye problems, especially blurry vision indeed. But sore eyes is not the distinct diseases that is related to diabetes. It may occur because diabetes can cause other eye problems which are associated with sore eyes.