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Can fatty liver cause yellow eyes?

What can causes yellow eyes? Can fatty liver make eyes to become yellow?
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  • Andrew bell


    Yellow eyes often occur when the whites of the eyes take on a yellowish tinge, which also known as scleral icterus. Yellow eyes are generally a sign of jaundice caused by a build up of bilirubin in the blood. For human beings, yellow eyes, as well as jaundice of the skin, occur when bilirubin builds up because of serious diseases and conditions that cause liver damage or dysfunction, or block the bile ducts. So it is possible that fatty liver can lead to yellow eyes. Prompt medical care and immediate medical care must be sought to heal yellow eyes.
  • Luis lewis


    Yes, the fatty liver will make eyes to become yellow. The liver problems in the whole body will cause the yellow eyes which need to receive your attention. Courage sick or physiological disorder can cause skin and eye yellow dye. The long-term fatty liver increase will cause skin and iris yellow dye. If the liver function is not good and the jiedu ability is abate, your taking alcohol can increase the burden of liver. When alcohol comes into the human body, the liver will only have solution alcoholism. The other toxin can't timely have decomposition. This is why when eating poison to drink not come and rescue the cause of liver function is bad. It will have no head for wine. The liver damage increases. It is suggested that prohibition and eating more rich in vitamin c fruits and vegetables have good effects to improve the liver problems. If your eyes become yellow, you'd better have good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers or other electric products for a long time. You need to have the good rest and good habit of diet to improve the eyes health.

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