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Carlos rodney


Why is one eye bigger than the other?

My left eye is bigger than the one on the right and I really hate it. Is that normal? Should I worry about it?
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  • Demetrice Wilson


    i get picked on everyday for this and its not fair!!!! Even my %u201Cfriends%u201D pick on me for it and im so sick of it so its not normal hell its anything but normal if anything it makes me worse than i aleady am. Hey mabey im gonna get a fricken eye patch or somthint huh, party in my eye socket and everyones invited,or mabey i should make a movie huh pirates of the small eyes ima sail the see and jump in it.
  • walkthewalk46


    Are you born with one eye bigger than the other? It is not weird. One of my friends has such problems. But luckily, With the advance of new technology, eye doctor can help to correct the eyes by a little eye surgery. My friends has take the surgery when she is 13 years old. Now, her eyes are look normal now. Hope this will help you.
  • Justin


    If one of your eye is slightly bigger than the other, there is nothing wrong with your eyes because it is normal that one eye is bigger than the other just like one hand is bigger than the other hand. That's because we often use one eye more than the other one. If one eye is much bigger than the other one, you need to visit a doctor to see whether there is something wrong with your eyes. People who have lazy eye often have different sizes of eyes. The lazy eye is much smaller than the normal one.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    As far as I'm concerned, it is quite normal, because I have the same situation. But if there is a big difference between your eyes, you should go to see doctors at once. Doctors will tell you where the shoe pinches. Even so, it is unnecessary to worry too much because with the advance of medical technology, such kind of problem will be cured quickly. At other times, you should pay attention to protect your eyes. Do not use your eyes for a long time, keep regular rest, timely do eye exercises and look into the distance.

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