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How long for eye trauma to heal ?

I am curious that how long it usually takes for eye trauma to heal.
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  • Faith cook


    The time of trauma heal is depends on how serious it is. A superficial eye injury will be healied after 2 or 3 days and you do not need see a doctor at all. While, some serious eye trauma, such as eye lacerations require emergency care immediately, and it will cost a month or even long time for recovery.
  • Maye


    About the problem of how long your eye trauma could get healed, it depends on the serious degree of your eyes. Usually two weeks of good care will let you have the recovery of the eyes. You should have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. You should also eat more food with vitamin C which could moisture your eyes.
  • Brian Clem


    I couldn't give you a clearly answer. You know, it depends on the degree of trauma with your eyes. If only minor injuries, generally about one week could be recovered. But if serious injuries, it will be take a long time to heal. May be one month, perhaps two months. In any event, I hope we could take care of our eyes, the best is not get any injured.