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Can i reuse 1 day contacts?

I bought one day contacts the day before yesterday because of my speech. Can I go on wearing them today coz I find that it is so convenient to wear contacts. Lol, it is my first time to wear contacts.
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  • Shelby rodney


    One day contacts are also know as daily disposable contacts. Usually, one day contacts only can be used for one day. While, there are some users who wear it for 2 or 3 days, and they found that it's ok to wear it for 2 or 3 days. But, the doctor may tell you that it's dangerous to reuse one day contacts because you could easily get eye disease because of it.
  • Jon


    No, you should not reuse your one day contact lenses. The expired time of the 1 day contact lenses is one day. If you continue to wear it, it may bring the invisible bacterium into your eyes. Your eyes will get red and feel uncomfortable. You must not wear it. If you have to wear it and wear for a long time, you could buy the contact lenses with half a year use.
  • Jackson rose


    No, don't do that. It is really bad to your eyes. As previous cases show, the one day disposable contacts may stick to the cornea if them are not taken out in time. When trying to take them out, damage will be done to your cornea. It will take three to five days for your cornea to recover. What's worse, they can't be disinfected, so there may be so many germs on them that your eyes get infected and inflamed.
  • Rebecca


    It is not suggested to reuse one-day contacts, because it is made of special materials which can not be rinsed or cleaned to be used twice.
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