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How to keep your eyes in good health ?

I know it is a very common question, but I really don' t know how to keep my eyes in good health. What can I do in my daily life?
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  • Benji


    Eyes, as the window of the heart, are a very important organ for our body. You can do from different aspects to keep eyes healthy. For I know that you can do it as the following: 1. Have a comprehensive eye exam every year to make sure that your eyes are healthy. 2. Have a good habit of using eyes. For example, keep at least 40cm between your eyes and books when you're reading and have a break for your eyes every hour during using eyes (watching TV, play computer games, working in front of computer, etc). 3. Have enough sleep during night and do not stay up at night. 4. Eat more vegetables that contain abundant Vitamins, especially Vitamin E.
  • Caleb may


    In order to keep your eyes in good health, you need to have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time with little rest. You should also keep notice of your diet, eating more food with vitamin C. You could also use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to get rid of the invisible bacterium and make your eyes get moisture. The home remedy of warm compress is also a good way for you to protect the health of the eyes.
  • Diane Rhone


    All right, I really appreciate your determination to protect your eye health. So, as a matter of fact, to keep our eyes healthy, it will ask a lot from us, such as making sure we make good use of eyes, a healthy diet, good rest and proper exercise, etc. Anyway, you could get further info from some books, which provide more and more details. In a word, action and persistence is required.