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Can contacts cause eye boogers?

I am told that contacts can usually cause eye boogers, really? How to avoid it?
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  • Bridget C


    On the one hand, it may cause eye boogers if you wear contact lenses too long, because contact lenses can be covered with many protein precipitation produced by eyes easily. On the other hand, your eyes may have been infected by bacteria, so you should clean your contacts carefully and use antibiotic eyedrops. In addition, wash hands frequently and let your eyes have a rest.
  • lova


    Eye boogers also know as eye discharge, are yellowish, sticky substance. And as a part of the body's natural defense reaction, mostly, the eye boogers are harmless. It can be caused by many problems, such as pinkeye, corneal ulcers, eye swelling, visual changes and so on. Wearing contact lenses in the correct way can avoid too much eye boogers.
  • clur_08


    Yes, wearing contact lenses will cause your eye boogers because of the invisible bacterium. In order to avoid it, you need to keep the good diet of using the contact lenses. You should not wear it for more than 8 hours a day. You should put it in the solution in the case after you take them off. You should also keep the hygiene of your hands and your eyes. That is very important.