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Should i get contacts or stick with glasses?

I have been wearing glasses for years, but now I really want to change this situation. However, I once heard people talking about the disadvantage of contacts, which makes me really hesitated now.
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  • Joshua?arnold


    I suggest you wear contact lenses, for they have many advantages over eyeglasses. The contact lenses are not easy to break, while the eyeglasses are fragile and can break if inflicted upon strong force. So it is safe and convenient for you to wear contact lenses when you are doing sports. Eyeglasses can be scratched, which make your vision blurred. However, when you are wearing contact lenses, you do not need to worry about that. Besides, contact lenses can be cleaned every time you blink your eyes, thus give you a clear vision all the time. Contact lenses will not steam up after you enter a warm place from a cold outside, or when you are cooking. They can also improve peripheral vision. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses will not leave an indention on your nose.
  • May Yong


    As we know, the contact lenses are worn directly at the surface of the eyes. It can make you get the right vision and see things clearly. A lot of men wear the contact lenses now because of the convenient character and beauty role. However if you wear it too long time and use the bad habit of using it, your eyes may appear the problems. However, the possibility is low. Before you decide to take the contact lenses, you could go to the hospital to have a check on eyes to see whether you are suitable to wear it. This step is very necessary. You should not wear it more than eight hours a day. You should use the solution to clear the contact lenses after you take them off. You must use it within the expired time.
  • Derek T.


    Well, I quite understand how you feel, because it really upset a person to get reliant on glasses. Anyway, it is true contact lenses might be potential harmful if we don't handle them right, and they would bring a lot of damages to our eyes. My advice for you is to wear contact lenses and glasses alternately, one after one each day. That would make sure your eyes are not hurt. Just pay attention to your eye health.

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