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Ryan warren


Is strabismus surgery worth it?

I have slight strabismus, do I need to have a strabismus surgery?
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  • Arianna walker


    You say you have slight strabismus. That means the strabismus you have is not serious yet. Surgery is the last solution you turn to when other methods don't work. All surgeries have risks and complications. For the early stage, you are suggested to have eye exercise and prescription eyeglasses instead of surgery.
  • Ariana


    Well, first, you should know what strabismus surgery is. And it is a kind of surgery which is related to the alteration of the length of eye muscles. And according to some experts, if you have this surgery, it will shorten one or more of these muscles to reline the eyeball. Of course, it has some side-effects. For example, after the surgery, your eyes can be a bit sore but pain medication is rarely needed. For strabismus surgery, the main risks are under correction and overcorrection. But on the other hand, for your situation, you do not need to take the surgery. And maybe you can just have some medical care. And then it can be fine. By the way, you should know that there are very small risks of infection, bleeding and excessive scarring after the surgery, so just be careful about it.
  • walker8016


    If you have the slight strabismus, you do not need to have the strabismus surgery which could have many side effects after the surgery. You could wear the eyeglasses to help you get the right vision. Although the surgery is safe and effective, you still do not need to take the risk to doing it. This is my own opinion. You could listen to the professional's suggestions.