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How can i enhance my eye color?

I have beautiful green eyes, but I think those babies will look nicer if their color can be enhanced. How can I do that?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Well, I don't want to dampen you, but I am afraid there is a fat chance that you can change your eye color except wearing contact lenses. In fact, one's eye color has been decided when he or she was born. By this person became 1 year old, the eye color had been fixed and stable. Therefore, nothing can be done to enhance the pigmentation of your iris. However, you can make your eyes appear to be darker by wearing eye make up and wearing contact lenses.
  • Eric Zago


    In order to enhance your original beautiful green eyes, you could wear the colored contact lenses. The colored contact lenses will make your eyes get bright and look big. There are many colored contact lenses in the market. You could just choose the green colored contact lenses. Thus your eyes will enhance the color. You could have a try.
  • Zoe


    Well, generally speaking, in my opinion, your baby will grow with green eyes, just like you, for it is your child. And according to some researches, eye color will be born with the certain one. And it will not change with time going. So for people, there is no way to change or enhance them. And you should know that eye color can change with emotion and weather. For example, when you are happy, your eye color will be lighter than normal. And of course, many people just change their eye color temporarily with color contact lenses.