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How to choose ski goggles for different light conditions?

How to choose ski goggles for different light conditions like overcast days or sunny days?
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  • James


    There are different types of ski goggles for different light conditions. If you want to choose ski goggles which are designed for wearing on sunny days, goggles with dark lenses like grey and brown can meet your needs because these dark tinted lenses can block the most amount of light to protect your eyes from strong light. If you want to wear ski goggles on cloudy or overcast days, lighter lenses like yellow and gold are better choices for you. And clear lenses of ski goggles are the best choice for you if you want to go skiing at night.
  • Alexander david


    Though ski goggles are important for snow sports activities, you shall wear proper ski goggles in different light condition for a better vision and well eye protections. In details, lighter goggles lenses like yellow and gold are best for wearing in overcast day. And if you want to skiing at night, Clear lenses are considered a wise choices for wearing because the can give the most light transmission while still protecting your eyes from hazards. If you want to enjoy skiing and have no idea about the light condition, you can try photochromic lenses that can darken automatically in bright conditions and lighten when the clods are out.