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Jordan owen


Is it safe to get an eye exam for contact lenses fitting during pregnancy?

I am 11 weeks in pregnancy and really need to go get my new contact lenses. Is it safe to get an eye exam for contact lenses fitting during pregnancy?
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  • Catherine lewis


    Yes, you can wear contact lenses, but first of all you shall get your eyes checked and listen to doctors advices. As we know, your vision may changes during Pregnancy. So, you need also get help from an optician who can measure your refractive power and help you select a new pair of contacts that will fit your eyes and correct your vision during pregnancy. And after you give birth to baby, you need to visit optician again to get proper eyeglasses since your eyes may go back to their original shape.
  • Christian scott


    No. If you are pregnant, it is not good for you to get an eye exam for contact lenses during pregnancy. Because your prescription will change during pregnancy due to the changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation. Besides, water retention will make the thickness and curvature of the cornea of your eye increased slightly, thus they will affect your contact vision correction. You'd better go to get new contact lenses after pregnancy.
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