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Dylan duncan


How to get rid of nose pain from wearing glasses?

My glasses always give me a pain on the nose when I wear them for a long time. How can I get rid of the pain without stop wearing them?
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  • Tessence


    To release your nose pain from wearing glasses, the best way is get ride of your eyeglasses. Just a joke. If you have to wear eyeglasses, you shall choose light weight eyeglasses frames and lenses. Besides, eyeglasses frames with nose pad are recommended. If you feel any uncomfortable of your nose, you can adjust it yourself. And titanium glasses frames and polycarbonate lenses are the best choices for light weight eyeglasses.
  • Sandeep Singh


    Hi , we have a new product called "Comfortable Nose Pad Cover" check it on amazon or ebay , this product is the answer to the problems of discomfort on nose due to eye glasses. I myself had the same problem which urged me to invent this product. please check it out. Thanks
  • Eliza


    Generally speaking, as long as the glasses are fitted properly, they won't cause pain on your nose. If they always give you a pain on the nose, it means that the glasses are too tight for you, which cause pressure on your nose. In this case, you should have your glasses adjusted. You can just adjust the nose pads on your glasses little by little untill they fit you properly, neither too tight nor too loose. If there are no nose pads on your glasses, you need to take your glasses back to the place you bought them and ask the worker to adjust the glasses for you. Or you can change for a new one that can fit you properly.