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I used antifog liquid on my plastic eyeglass lenses and now they are always streaky and filmy.?

I used Kleer Fog on them and now they simply wont stay clean and are always needing to be cleaned. Anyone know how to remove the film that stuff left on my lenses? Thanks!
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  • Kimberly Y


    I have never used that kind of solution. So I don't know what caused this. But I heard that anti fog solution is actually soap. You can dip your glasses into warm water and then rub your glasses with a piece of clean cloth. If this can't help remove them, you'd better turn to an optician immediately.
  • comingourloud


    I suggest you to using a 79% rubbing alcohol solution to clean the lenses. Then dip them in the dish water and rinse the lenses gently with a piece of clean cotton cloth. Plus, the cotton cloth shouldn't be washed or dried with fabric softener. Hope this helped!
  • walkidiot


    You can use a mild isopropyl alcohol (7o% will be OK). Don't use a stronger for the plastic/coatings will be damaged by stronger alcohol. If this doesn't work, you may need to bring them to the place where you purchased. The optician may help you. Good luck!