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Dan Samberg


Is there a cure for night blindness?

Is there any good way that can cure night blindness? Any idea?
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  • Connor


    There is the good way that can cure the night blindness. It is not difficult to prevent night blindness. You could just eat some rich food of vitamin A content, such as eggs, animal liver. First of all, you should take care of the scientific arrangement of nutrition, especially for babies and development period of teenagers. You should advocate food variety. In addition to the staple food outside including fish, meat, eggs, beans and dairy products, you should eat animal internal organs, such as fresh vegetables. Just eating the nutritious food will make you cure the night blindness. In addition, you could have the good rest at bed which will be good for your vision at night.
  • Jen.C


    Well, of course, there are some ways you can just have a try to cure your night blindness. But on the other hand, you should know that in most cases, night blindness can be related to the genetic and so it can not be cured by home remedy. But for some other kinds of night blindness, you can try some ways to cure it. For example, you can use wood apple leaves. First, you should remember that you can soak the leaves of wood apple in water overnight and wash your eyes with that water in the morning. Also, you can eat more bilberries, which contains high levels of natural antioxidant compound. By eating it, bilberry can improve eye adaptation to darkness for people with poor vision. Also, you can go and see an eye doctor, maybe he can give some advices.
  • bell


    There are three kind of night blindness in medicine. The temporary night blindness, which is led to the lack of vitamin A, can be cured soon. Secondly, the acquired night blindness stemmed from the infection of bacteria. The last is the congenital night blindness, which is caused because of the heredity by parents. But no matter what kind of it is, the night blindness is absolutely can be cured. Firstly, you are supposed to keep a healthy diet rich in vitamin A, just like eggs, lever liver as well as some fish etc. Besides, enough rest is also significant, only by this way, you can have ample energy to fight against the disease. However, if you can't see the changes after taking these measures, you'd better have a professional health check in hospital.

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