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How to tell if my contacts fit correctly?

This is my first time to wear contact lenses. It make me a foreign feeling in my eyes. But when i look it in mirror. It seems the contact lenses is in the right places. What's the problem? How to tell if my contacts fit correctly?
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  • elmos_world_05


    If the contact lenses are not fallen off, they may be suitable for your size of eyes. Before you buy them, you'd better have the eye exam to see the eye size of yours. Then you could check with the circle size of the contact lenses. Then you will know whether it is suitable to you. If your eyes feel suitable and not dry, the contact lenses are suitable to you.
  • campbell


    Contact lenses that fit incorrectly is uncomfortable and can do harm to your eyes, thus it's important to know about how to tell if your contact lenses fit correctly. Firstly, whether obtain your contacts through an appointment with a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist. Secondly, when insert into eyes, whether the ways are proper. Finally, whether the habit of using is correct. The following website can give you detail suggestions:
  • chained_destiny


    Well, it's important to purchase lenses that sit correctly and comfortably on your eyes. Lenses that fit poorly are uncomfortable and can do your eyes more harm than good. Contacts cause discomfort and irritation. Generally speaking, proper insertion entails washing your hands, then placing the lens in your palm. Also, you should apply a few drops of saline or cleaning solution, and then pick the lens up with your index finger, open your eye as wide as possible and bring the lens to your eye slowly until it catches. And it will fit correctly. If your contacts do not fit correctly, they may cause corneal ulcers, whose symptoms include pain, redness, eyelid spasms and discharge from the eye. So just pay more attention to it.