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Can a 12 yr old wear contact lenses ?

Is it OK for a 12 year old child to wear contact lenses? Will the contact lenses hurt their eyes?
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  • April


    It is ok for a 12 year old child wear contact lenses. There is no limit of age for wearing contact lenses, which has been confirmed. Wearing contact lenses for children is good for their eyes, because it can restore their eye problems in time. Certainly, it is imperative to notice some tips, such as washing hands before wearing, and changing water everyday.
  • Nicholas campbell


    Generally speaking, it's harmful to wear contact lenses for a 12 year old child, what's worse, it's seriously influence the growth of her eyes. Obviously, the organs, body system, especially retina are not mature enough to wear contact lenses for a 12 year old child, thus wearing contact lenses goes against the proper growth of her retina. Besides, child always get in touch with other children and hardly take notice of the personal hygiene, which give a chance for the spreading of the bacteria and finally cause infection to their eyes. Therefore, as far as i am concerned, it's better to avoid wearing contact lenses in such a young age. Thanks for reading.
  • Anthony


    I have to warn you that contact lenses can also damage your eyes under certain circumstances. Therefore, it pays to understand how often you should wear them each day and how they affect your eye sight health. As I can see,it's really not a good idea for a 12 year old to wear contact lenses,because their eyes are not mature enough. You have to know,when contacts are worn every day of the week for extended periods of time (more than 16 hours a day) the eye can suffer from oxygen depletion as a result. Since contacts cling to the front of the eye, this pressure tends to cut off blood vessel circulation (and thus oxygen) in the cornea. Plus,new blood vessel formation---a process known as angiogenesis, according to the University College Dublin---is a direct result of the original blood vessels' inability to reach the cornea with oxygen. However, new vessels are not regulated like the original vessels in growth or function, which can severely affect the cornea and sight if not addressed medically---or if contacts are worn too long during the day and/or at night.
  • Millard Benjafield


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