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Angelica giles


Why do my eyes burn in the hot tub?

When i put myself in hot tub, my eyes fell burning. Is that normal? Why do my eyes burn?
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  • exxxtazzzy


    It may not be normal. Once your eyes get the bacterium because of the bad environment, you will find that the bacterium will be so active when you are in hot tub. Thus, your eyes will feel burning. You'd better go to see the doctor and find whether the eyes get the infection.
  • Michelle


    Well, in my opinion, I think you have got a mild case of chemical keratitis. But you do not need too worry about it, for it will not be any emergency at this point and everything should be ok within one day. To relieve your symptom, you can use artificial tears as often as you can. Also, you can just prepare some cool teabags, and then put cool compresses on your eyes. In that way, I think it will decrease your burning. But if you notice a marked decrease in your vision, increasing pain or discharge, you should consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.
  • Hunter jackson


    It's normal,eyes are so sensitive,and they cannot bear so much hot water. It just a torment for your eyes by surrounded or even full of hot water. A human's eyes are suitable with a average 45 degree water,that would be fine and healthy for eyes. Next time when you put yourself in hot tub,you have to avoid the direct contact with your eyes and the hot water.
  • Ty son


    High pH is a common cause of calcium and scale build up at your hot tub water line and cloudy or dull water. It also causes bathers to often experience itchy skin and burning eyes. Keeping your hot tub sanitizer levels where they should be is also very difficult when your pH is too high, along with clogging of your filter media and elements. visit here