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Can you get pink eye from sharing makeup with someone who has pink eyes?

Is it dangerous to share makeup with someone who has pink eyes? If i do that, can i get pink eyes?
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  • evil_lanruoj


    It is very dangerous to share makeup with someone with pink eyes. If you share, you will get the high possibility to get the pink eyes because the pink eyes are contagious. Your eyes may not feel comfortable when you get the pink eyes. You should treat it carefully. Keep in mind that you should not share the makeup with other people because the makeup is the personal stuff.
  • Sharon Field


    It is dangerous to share makeup with someone who has pink eyes. Pink eye is a common eye condition which is caused by inflammation or irritation of the conjunctiva. Exposure to even a small amount of a virus or bacteria can lead to a very uncomfortable infection, thus it is not a good idea to share makeup.
  • evrydyisystrdy


    It's definitely dangerous to share makeup with those who has pink eyes. As we all know ,pink eyes is contagious,it can make other people's eyes get infection by contact. If you have already done that,I have to say,you are most likely to get infection.But there still be some remedies for you. You need to use some specific eye drops to clean your eyes immediately,what's more,never use those makeup again,in addition,wash your eyes with pure water frequently. I hope you won't be infected,good luck.

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