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Can eye color change with clothes?

I find that my eye color is a little different when i wear different colored clothes. Is it normal? Can eye color changes with the clothes?
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  • Cocoa Houck


    Yes, they can. Mine do it all the time. When I'm wearing a blue shirt, my eyes turn blue. It also depends on the shade of the color shirt.
  • Mariah


    Well, generally speaking, your eye color can not change with the clothes color. And you should know that it is just because the clothes color reflects into your eyes, and make your eye color look changeable. And the color of your eyes can change with the emotion and weather. For example, when your emotion is low, it can turn to light grey and light blue. Also, the weather can affect your eye color too. And if the light is lighter, it can cause your eye color to become brighter. You also should know that when you suffer stress, the density and distribution of the melanin on the eyes will change. But there is nothing to do with the color of your clothes.
  • Lex


    It is not normal. The eye color will not change with the clothes. The color of eyes is fixed based on the genetic endowment since we are small. Then, the color of eyes will not be changed. If our body lacks something in the nutritious elements, our eyes may change the color. If we have the eye diseases, the color of eyes may be changed. Thus, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a check on the eyes.
  • Nathan harris


    What? You gotta be kidding me man. Well, as a matter of fact, the color of our eyes would not naturally change no matter what we do, unless we try to wear colored contact lenses. So, maybe your feeling is just a false assumption, or just out of the dark environment, or it just has something to do with the illuminations. Anyway, the eye color will not change with different colored clothes.