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My sunglass lenses are cracked. what is the best thing i could do to fix them?

i was thinking about using fire to melt it a bit and see if they reform? xD but i have no idea if thats a smart thing to do. aaand, i saw some websites that could replace lenses, but i dont know how well i can trust them. any advice, inputs anything would be helpful. thaaanks!
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  • 04/14/2012

    use fire ? OMG ,you scared me .stop doing such stupid thing ,or you will damage your glasses entirely .just take them to the place where you bought them and ask if they could do it for you .
  • cute_but_catty


    I think you can buy a pair of new sunglasses. If the lenses are made by plastics, you will melt the lenses and deform them. This will not help fix your lenses but damage them. If they are made by glass, you can't melt them because they have a higher boiling point. This can't help fix the crack too.
  • walkietalkie1


    If you think your sunglasses can be fixed, you'd better turn to some professionals such as opticians. I won't suggest you to melt your sunglasses with fire because you may damage your sunglasses in that way. If your sunglasses can't be fixed, you can consider buying a pair of sunglasses online. Sunglasses sold online are much cheaper. If you come across some activities or celebrations hold by online eyeglasses stores, you may get a discount. Good luck!
  • walking_poeticx


    Dude, I suggest you to buy a pair of new sunglasses. Your sunglasses have already been ruined. There is no way to fix a cracked lens. You can have this lens replaced. Visit an optician with your cracked sunglasses. But I think you'd better replace both of the lenses in case that they will be of different colors. While if your sunglasses are very old, the sunglasses frame may get broken. So the best way to solve your problem is to buy a pair of new sunglasses. Good luck!
  • Cassy


    If your cracks or spiders, you can't fix the lens anymore. The lens will blur your vision and cause inconveniences to you. Besides, the cracked lens can't block harmful UV rays, so it is useless. You'd better have the lenses changed or buy a pair of new sunglasses. If you don't trust the website online, you can take your sunglasses with your to ask for help from a nearby optician. Many big eyeglasses stores can replace sunglasses lenses.
  • Rebecca


    Oh, you can not fix your sunglasses lenses with the fire. In that way, you will damage your lenses seriously and you can not use it any longer. I have not heard that the sunglasses can be fixed with fire. So you need to take it to the store to see whether it can be fixed or not, or you need to buy a pair of new one.
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