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Riley eddy


Does weight lifting cause glaucoma?

Is it possible to get glaucoma because of weight lifting? Why or why not?
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  • Connor scott


    Longtime weight lifting may cause glaucoma. Just as Brazilian researchers have proved that most professional weightlifters are very prone to get glaucoma which is an awful condition that possibly result in blindness. The underlying reason is that when people conduct weight lifting, pressure in their eye would keep increasing as they hold their breath during reps. And glaucoma is just the inevitable consequence of the continuous increased pressure in the eye. Be careful that glaucoma may develop into blindness without warning since at the beginning stage of glaucoma the symptoms are quite invisible. So it is wise for weightlifters to have their eyes examined regularly for fear of getting glaucoma.
  • Faith cook


    Yes, it is possible to get glaucoma because of weight lifting. It has been proved by a lot of researchers that weightlifting can increase intraocular pressure because when the person do weight lifting, he or she holds his or her breath. That is the reason to raise the risk of developing glaucoma for them.
  • A.L


    If you are doing weight lifting on a very frequent basis, then it probably increases the risk of getting some eye problems such as eye floaters and glaucoma. Glaucoma is a very serious eye disease which is the leading cause to vision loss with no cure. Glaucoma refers to increased intraocular pressure which would damage optic nerve endings. Weight lifting would temporarily increase the intraocular pressure. If you do it on a daily basis, then it put you at a much higher risk of developing glaucoma. It is just like vomiting or coughing, which can also cause temporary pressure increasing in eyes. During weight lifting, air is forced into the narrow windpipe which causes pressure increasing in human body. If you need to do it anyway frequently, then I suggest you to stay away from caffeine and smoking, which are triggers for temporary IOP increasing too. Visit your eye specialist on a frequent basis to monitor the IOP if any treatment needed to lower the pressure.

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