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Can eyeliner cause blocked tear duct?

Is it possible to lead to blocked tear ducts because of using eyeliner? And is it safe to use it everyday?
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  • crystalise34


    It is quite possible to have blocked tear duct from eyeliner using. Eye infection and inflammation are possible for people to develop tear duct blockage. Eyeliner might cause eye infection and inflammation and lead to the tear duct blockage. Actually mascara and eyeliner are very easy to cause eye irritations. Thick makeup with mascara and eyeliner would easily cause eyelashes fallen out, foreign body sensation and a stye. If you do need to wear eyeliner everyday, you should be careful not to get it into eyes and remove it carefully and thoroughly with mild eye makeup remover otherwise the left chemicals would cause problems. Don't share the mascara or eyeliner with anybody else to avoid any bacteria or virus transmitted. And there is a finite period of useful life of every cosmetic items, especially the ones applied to eyes. It is better to stop using the mascara or eyeliner within 6 months after it is opened. Because the germ would stem on it, and with applying to eyes, it can easily spread the germ into eyes and infection would be caused. Hygiene should be always on your mind if you need to wear eye makeup.
  • Sean


    Yes, it is possible to lead to blocked tear ducts because of using eyeliner. Since if you do not use eyeliner properly, it can cause irritation and also the inner corners can cause blocked tear ducts. The good quality of eyeliner is also very important and you need to replace your eyeliner regularly and never share them with other.
  • cat_w101


    Yes, it is possible for you to lead to blocked tear ducts because of using eyeliner which contains a lot of chemical materials which have the stimulating role. It is not safe to use it every day, in case of the eyes infection. You'd better wash it clearly before you go to bed. Or else, the sediments will come into your eyes and let your eyes get redness, dryness and infection. You should take notice of this.

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