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Paul Hathone


Does garlic help eyebrows grow?

I heard that garlic can help grow eyebrows. Does it really work? How?
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  • Jade


    Yes, it does. Garlic can help eyebrows grow more quickly. There is an effective natural way of growing your eyebrow hair back and you can do it at home. Rubbing garlic on your eyebrows every morning and night. After a week, you can find your eyebrows become more thicker than before.
  • Savannah


    According to the information I get that garlic may help grow eyebrows that some people tried so and it does work. The way is to cut the garlic into two pieces and keep rubbing them on the eyebrows for two minutes, being careful and not let garlic come into your eyes, and then wash the eyebrows with cold water. Keep doing this twice a day. If garlic does not work for you, you may try the follow way: 1. Take a Vitamin B6 every day. Enough take-in of Vitamin B6 nourishes your hair. 2. Increase your iron consumption by eating green vegetables, eggs, fish and dairy products daily because lack of iron can discourage hair growth. 3. Dip a cotton ball in olive oil and wipe the oil across the eyebrows once a day, and this can thicken your eyebrows. 4. Avoid plucking your brows because over-plucking will cause irritation and ingrown hair. 5. Use non-comedogenic eyebrow powder to cover up patchy areas of your brows, and the eyebrow powder ingredients have emollients that soften and condition your hair as it grows.
  • Luz Summers


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  • Mariah ja


    Yes, I also heard that too, and I think it can really work. You can have a try. You need to cut a garlic in two pieces, then rub them on your eyebrows. Just keep rubbing for about two minutes, then you can wash them away with cold water. That can really work great. But be careful can do not get the garlic into your eyes. Also, you can try putting a vaseline on your eyebrows, and see the result. Have a try and good luck!

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