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Is it normal for contacts to itch?

When i wear my contact lenses, my eyes feel uncomfortable and itchy. Do you have such experiences? Is this normal?
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  • elizabethandzoe


    It is not good bur as we all know, wearing contact lenses can cause eye irritation, dryness, and redness if they do not fit you well and you feel very uncomfortable. You can go to your optometrist to find the real causes. For example, you may change your solution it that's a problem. You may also need to change the size of the brand of your contact lenses if they are not a good fit for you. What's more, you can try use some eye drops to make your eyes feel better, for example, you can use lubricant drops. Try these suggestions, hope you feel better!
  • Miranda hall


    Yes, it maybe to feel itch when wear contact lenses. Usually, it often happen to people with who first wear contact lenses. Besides, if you get dry eyes, you are likely to get itchy eyes for wearing contact lenses. Just get some eye drops that may help you. In addition, if you wear your contact lenses inside out, you may also suffer it. What's more, some eye diseases such as eye infection can also contribute to itchy eyes. So, just check your contact lenses and eyes and choose the right way to treat it immediately.
  • harris


    So, it seems that there is something wrong when you try to put in your contact lenses. From what I know, there are two primary reasons, number one, you have a bad use of your eyes and don't take care of your contact lenses. The other one, it is possible that you have got trachoma, which is an infection and would make you have such feelings. Of course that would make you crazy, it's really torturous. It is surely abnormal which should be treated in time.

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