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Can contacts cause eye irritations?

Is it safe to wear contact lenses? Can it possible lead to eye irritations?
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  • colourmevintage


    Wearing contact lenses is quite popular today which can make wearers look more attractive and feel more comfortable. However, sometimes it is not that safe to wear contact lenses and contact lens wearers are more likely to suffer from eye irritations. Use of extended wear lenses, sleeping with contact lenses on, rubbing of the lens against, allergic reaction against contact lens solution and other improper wearing of contact lenses are all possible causes of irritation eyes. To solve and reduce these problems, wearers should properly wear contact lenses and pay more attention to personal hygiene. And once getting eye irritations, wearers should go to see an eye doctor as quickly as possible.
  • Jacqueline warren


    If you keep the good habit of hygiene, your wearing of contact lenses will be safe and effective. If not, it will lead to your eye irritations. You will not feel comfortable at the eyes which may cause your eyes to get red. You should not wear the contact lenses over eight hours a day. You should stop using contact lenses which are over the expired time. You need to soap the contact lenses in the solution every day to get rid of the bacterium. With all these, it is safe to wear the contact lenses.
  • Jose joyce


    Wearing contact lenses are easy to cause eye irritation. Because your contact lenses and contact store may be out of date. And everyday you must take them into eyes and pull them out once or more with your dirty hands. Yeah, dirty hands. No matter hoe clean you wash your hands, bacteria and virtues are still here. And you may easily get potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Eye irritation must be one of them. Eye irritation is most commonly due to allergic, eye pain, bacteria and virtues. While mold growth in a building is possible to gather bacteria and germs. And they spread by air. That is, you are so easy to breathe them into lungs and eyes.

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