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Can chlorine cause permanent eye damage?

Is chlorine bad for eyes? Can it cause permanent eye damage? And how can i prevent it?
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  • marvina


    As a matter of fact, chlorine is bad for eyes. On most occasions chlorine is abundant in swimming pools and your eyes will get damaged when you swim in the pool. The grave consequences of the chlorine damage include red eye, burning eye, irritated eye. If you keep ignorant of the side effects chlorine have imposed on the eye, you can suffer from permanent eye damage. To prevent the damage, try not to swim in chlorinated pool but instead in outdoor ones. And goggles and masks are badly recommended for you to keep away from chlorine.
  • Jada oliver


    Yes, chlorine is bad for your eyes which may cause permanent eye damage if it is in large amount. Your visual nerves will be damaged. The swimming pool will contain a lot of chlorine in water. If you want to prevent the chlorine, you need to wear the protected goggles when you swim. You need to wash the eyes carefully after the swimming. Thus you will prevent the coming chlorine.
  • christraper


    Chlorine is a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17. Chlorine is an important chemical in water purification. Chlorine is also used widely in the manufacture of many products and items directly or indirectly. It is used to kill bacteria and other microbes from drinking water supplies.

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