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Can cold cause blocked tear duct?

Can i get blocked tear duct because of cold? Is this possible?
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  • Maye


    Blocked tear duct occurs when the duct that normally allows tears to drain from the eyes is obstructed or fails to open properly. It often happens to newborns. And adults get blocked tear duct because of aging, a thickening of the tear duct lining, nasal or sinus problems, infections, abnormal growths such as tumors or an injury to the bone and tissues around the eyes. So according to experts' idea, I think that only cold will not cause tear duct unless cold cause some nose problems. But if you get blocked tear duct, the type of treatment for a blocked tear duct depends on the cause. If it is caused by infection, you may get treated with antibiotics. But if it's caused by a problem with the size or shape of tear duct, you may need surgery.
  • crazy_durr


    Yes, it is quite possible to get blocked tear duct because of cold. Tears drain from the eye through small tubes called tear ducts and a blocked tear duct may can be watery eyes or there are some tears running out of the eyes. And if you have a cold, this condition can get worse. One can also get a blocked duct because of aging, injury, infection and inflammation.
  • walkingtragd


    Yes, you may get the blocked tear duct because of cold. When you get cold, your immune system will decline. Your eyes may get the invisible bacterium in the eyes easily. The block of the eye-like gland causes the blocked tear duct. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom. You could also not eat the spicy food which will stimulate your eyes nerves.