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Jonathan griffin


What are the long term effects of eyelash extensions?

Is there any side effect of using eyelash extensions? And what's the long term effect of eyelash extension?
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  • hand_in__hand


    There is no doubt that eyelash extensions can provide you with long and beautiful eyelashes which will make you more attractive and charming. However, you can't ignore the side effects of using eyelash extensions. First and foremost, break of the natural eyelash and permanent hair loss can be caused by long-term use of eyelash extensions. Secondly, any eye infection or injury can be the serious consequence of attaching eyelash extensions to the eye. Thirdly, the adhesive of eyelash extensions can lead to sensitivity and irritation to the skin and further cause eye damage and vision loss in the long run. All in all, try to use eyelash extensions less frequently and if possible with proper and professional skill.
  • walkingintoyou


    Yes, there are some side effects of using eyelash extensions. First, you may be allergic to the glue. Second, if the lashes fall off and get contact with your eyes, you may get some irritation. Third, it can break the natural eyelashes and cause eyelashes loss. Fourth, you can get eye infection and injury as well as sensitivity. But if they are applied properly and maintained regularly, there will be few long term affects. So try to achieve that. Good luck!
  • Mackenzie rose


    Although using the eyelash extensions will make your eyelashes become long and make you look beautiful, you may have the side effects after long time use. You may have the eyes infection. Your eyelashes may easily fall out from the root. Your eyes may be red because of the stimulation of the eyelash extensions. All these are the side effects. You'd better use it little.

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