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What does gradient lenses mean?

I was ordering sunglasses online and then it came out the different gradient lenses. What does gradient lenses mean? Which should I choose?
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  • Christina nelson


    Gradient lenses appear dark in the top part of lenses while the button part of lenses approximates to clear. This tint improves on protecting our eyes from glare and intensive light from above, while letting the bottom portion be clear for easily up-close reading in more natural light. Not just adding a fashion element to the lens, gradient tint is pragmatically working great for driving .Gradient tin, your perfect options for sunglasses, aesthetically and functionally.
  • handxrxtied


    The gradient lenses are darker at the top of the lens and become progressively lighter from the top to the bottom. The top portion is used to protect your eyes from the sun and the bottom portion which is transparent is used to see close-up clearly. If you need clear vision together with eye protection, then the gradient sunglasses can be a good choice.