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How to adjust flexible eyeglasses to make them fit better?

Recently I can always feel my eyeglasses are pinching the side of my head and give me a headache. I want to make them looser. How can I adjust flexible eyeglasses to make them fit me better?
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  • warren


    There are a few simple steps to take when adjusting flexible eyeglasses. The first step is to determine the type of material in your eyeglass frames. Some materials are more flexible than others. Metals are less resilient than plastic. Other materials such as memory plastic were made to move, and are able to bend and flex back into shape. Determine what type of material your eyewear is made from then proceed to make adjustments accordingly. The term for having your eyeglasses adjusted is called fitting. Ask a professional to make these adjustments if you are not familiar with the materials in your flexible eyeglasses. Too much bending can weaken some metals and cause them to fracture due to metal fatigue.
  • walkerstalker2


    First you shall decides what type of adjustment to make. For example, you should check whether your glasses are too low or too high on the nose or figure out whether the frames are too loose or too tight etc. Then, adjust them according your need. If you are not familiar to do this work, you shall ask help from optician to ensure well adjusted flexible eyeglasses.
  • Arianna


    If your glasses frame is plastic, you should warm them up before you try to blend them. Just put your glasses in warm water for a while until the frame becomes a little soft. Then you can blend the temple little by little until it fits you well.

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