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Can fireworks blind you?

Is it very damages to eyes to get some fireworks? Or it will cause blind?
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  • neva taylor


    Of course. It is very dangerous to get fireworks into the eyes. Many children play with fireworks so carelessly that they are injured from it. Most of them get injured when they place fireworks too near. The power of explosion is huge. If your eyes are near the explosion, you can imagine the result. There are even some people whose eyes become blind just because of the explosion of fireworkers. If people get fireworks in the eyes, the best way is to send them to the hospital for the nerves around the eyes are complicated. The sooner, the better.
  • comingoutloud


    Yes, it is very dangerous to eyes if you get some fireworks. It will cause the blindness because of the strong stimulation from the inner strong irritates. You should get away from the fireworks which will be so dangerous. The eyes should be protected carefully. You should keep the good habit of life to keep the health of the eyes.

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