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which if i do choose to wear contacts in the future, WOULD THEY BE BEST FOR ME rather than glasses as i get older???

im currently wearing glasses. My left eye happens to better than my right, and now i have to wear them which im totally fine with that. I HATE contacts. Infact, i personally feel more protected with eyewear, lol...BUT
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  • 04/13/2012

    I never wear contacts because I got infected wnen I wear them ago.Now I wear glasses all the time and I love wearing them So I should say continue to wear your glasses.There are some really cute ones.
  • Jordyn


    Considering the health to your eyes, eyeglasses are recommended rather than contact lenses. Although wearing eyeglasses can't cure your vision problem, it is the most convenient and effective way to help you see things clear. And wearing suitable glasses won't cause hurt to your eyes. But, contact lenses will do harm to your cornea and not suitable for long time wearing thought they can provide you vision aids.
  • Jack


    Glasses and contacts both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both of them can help solve vision problems. But contacts are more convenient than glasses especially when we want to do some intense exercise. However, we must pay attention to eye hygiene if we want to use contacts because it is easy to get an eye infection. I think glasses are best for you when you get older.
  • Diane Rhone


    Many senior citizens have presbyopia. They can see the things in the distance clearly while can't see the things at hand clearly. Most of them need a pair of reading glasses at that time. But they often put on or take off glasses from time to time because they only need them when they want to read or view a nearby object. So I think you can wear contacts at this time. You can wear reading glasses when you get older. Hope this helped!

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