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Are titanium eyeglasses more expensive than others?

I friend just bought a pair of titanium eyeglasses which cost $1000. I think he is scammed. Are titanium eyeglasses more expensive than others? How much do they usually cost?
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  • Sefral


    Yes. titanium glasses are more expensive than others because they are strong. You can bend it without damaging. What's more,it can return to its original shape. titanium glasses are also lightweight and naturally hypoallergenic. So people will find more comfortable to wear titanium glasses. But you say your titanium glasses cost you $1000 which sounds too expansive. I think a pair of titanium glasses usually costs several hundreds dollars according to the place you get it.
  • RJ


    It is a little expensive for a pair of titanium eyeglasses to cost $1000. Generally titanium eyeglasses should cost no more than $500. But if it is a desinger one, it is normal for that price.
  • emilio


    is titanium frame for eye glasses really expensive