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Do all gucci sunglasses have serial numbers?

Do all gucci sunglasses have serial numbers? How can i tell if they are real?
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  • el_chupa_cabra


    Yes, it is. Nowadays more and more manufacturers master high technology which can help them copy every goods, even can make high quality imitation goods that the founder cannot spot them. So in order to spot goods in an easy way, the real manufacturers always make serial numbers on their own products, because there are few people who can copy them.
  • Paige evelyn


    Yes. All of gucci sunglases have serial number.i'll tell you how to tell if they are real:1. All the authentic Gucci sunglasses always come with a warranty manufacture card on which the serial number is printed. 2. All Gucci sunglasses are always made in Italy. 3. The logo of a real one always printed on the inner or outer stem of the sunglasses, if you scratch it with your nails, nothing would change and it will stay the same.4. Many Gucci sunglasses have a simple or intricate "G" design on either side of the stem, near the lenses. If the "G" looks glued on after the fact, or crooked or flimsily attached, the sunglasses are most likely fake.5. The average price for brand new Gucci sunglasses is $200. If lower too much, then they might be fake.6.Authentic Gucci sunglasses always have a small cleaning cloth for the lenses of the sunglasses and a case, both embossed with the Gucci logo. hope it helps!
  • Miranda clark


    Well, as you can see, Gucci is a widely renowned brand established in Florence, Italy, which is dedicated to making a wide range of fashion products. They have been greatly recognized for their quality stuff and profound customer service, that is why they have long introduced serial numbers , as a means of protecting the rights of their customers. Generally speaking, it can check the quality of the sunglasses, then see if the serial numbers is sole via contacting their hotline.

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