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Thomas keith


Can a concussion cause blurred vision?

Can a concussion cause blurred vision? Why? Are there any treatments to help this situation?
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  • clam_i_am


    A concussion can cause blurred vision due to the intracal hydroncus, which presses the optic nerve. Under such circumstance, I advise you to go to the hospital for an examination and a treatment without delay. The main manifestation of a concussion is a loss of consciousness, which is not serious in general and lasts a short time, less than half an hour. A concussion can lead the wounded to forget what has happened recently, such as things happened fore and after the incident, but he still could recall clearly what happened in the past. In addition, when the sufferer come to himself after a concussion, he may feel an headache, dizzy, feel like vomiting, but such symptoms are slight and will not cause the wounded upset.
  • Andrew hill


    Concussion can cause a number of symptoms: headache, a decreased sense of taste or smell, and about 14% have blurred vision. However, there is no real way that can treat concussion. But scientists studied one way instead of treating concussion itself, that is, take measures and medical treatment to the symptoms which caused by concussion.
  • Todd


    Yes, a concussion can cause blurred vision. A concussion means a sudden blow to one's head and cause brain injury. When this happens, the force of the blow can cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, blurry vision, vomiting and drowsiness. As we know, our brain is the master of our body, therefore when it is hurt by strong forces, the other organ will have to suffer as well. After the concussion, what you should do is to have x-ray of the head or neck and have a through neurological examination. If the neurological examination, you should to perform a CT scan of the head to make sure the skull is no bleeding.

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