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Hunter jackson


How do i get rid of uneven eyes?

I have uneven eyes. Can you tell me how to get rid of it? Any idea?
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  • enycelilmamii


    Maybe you think your uneven eyes are born this way, actually it may be caused by many reasons, such as eyelid position and eyebrow position, if one eyebrow position is higher than the other, which appears the uneven eyes. While, it can be solved by makeup: vary the makeup vertically can make the eyes look more alike from a distance.And if you want your eyes looks completely the same, plastic surgery may help a lot.
  • Jonathan


    I think there are only two ways for you to get rid of uneven eyes. One is surgery, the other is makeup. If both of your eyes are in different sizes, you can use less mascara and eye liner on the larger one as this will make them look the same size. If one of your eyes is lower than the other, you can simply apply your eye shadow higher to make confine that the height of the eye shadow is the same. Doing this will create a balance for your eyes.